Unlock the power of
programmatic videos

Get a company license for Remotion and leverage our tools for creating videos in React and rendering them programmatically. Use parametrization to create personalized videos for your customers - or build a business on the foundation of Remotion.


Remember - Remotion is free to use for individuals and companies up to three people. Obtaining a company license is required only for entities ineligible for the free license. See the LICENSE.md file on the Remotion repository for full details.

Individuals & Small teams
  • Unlimited usage of all Remotion tools
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Community support
Developer seat
per month
  • allows 1 developer to work on Remotion projects
  • may use Remotion on multiple local machines
  • Access to prioritized supportsee policy
  • As long as you make renders, at least one license must be kept active
Cloud rendering seat
per month
  • Choose 1 seat per cloud instance (e.g. VPS, EC2) you are running Remotion on
  • Pay only for as long as you are rendering videos.
  • Using serverless? Choose 1 seat per 2.000 renders per month.
Minimum plan amount: $100/month

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What is Remotion?

This is the site for buying company licenses. If you want to learn about Remotion itself first, click here.

Who is eligible for the free license?

You are eligible to use Remotion for free if one you are:

  • an individual
  • a for-profit organisation with up to 3 employees
  • a non-profit or not-for-profit organisation
  • evaluating whether Remotion is a good fit, and are not yet using it in a commercial way

Why is Remotion free for some and paid for others?

The Remotion project works similarly as many open source projects, in that the code is openly available on Github and that individuals use it freely and contribute back. But to pay for the time that it takes to maintain such an ambitious project, we need to generate money. This is also good for you: You get regular updates, good support, motivated maintainers and an overall healthy product. By separating individuals and companies, we are charging those who are most able to afford it.

What is the difference in functionality between the free and paid version?

There is no difference between free and paid version. This means that there are no additional resources that get unlocked with a license. In regard of the software this means both versions are identical. Nevertheless it should be mentioned that you are required to get a license if you have a company size of 4 people or more.

I am unsure if I qualify for the free license.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need confirmation that your use case is acceptable.

What does prioritized support mean?

Support is provided on a best-effort basis, but we will respond first to people who own a company license. We try to reply and help everybody who files an issue or contacts us. We recommend to ask questions or get help in public channels such as Github Issues or Discord whenever possible where community members also have the chance to reply. See our Support Policy for details.

What kind of commercial use is allowed?

Any commercial use case is allowed as long as you are not selling Remotion as a product itself or allowing people to circumvent cases where they would have to buy a license themselves. Example of an accepted use case: Allowing users to create their own personalized video based on your Remotion template. Example of an unacceptable use case: Allowing users to render any Remotion video they supply on your server.

We are an agency making videos for a client. Do we need a license?

In case of collaborations between teams or companies, the combined headcount counts for the company size threshold. That means, if the total headcount of both companies/teams add up to 4 people or more, you need a license. Of course you still only need a license for the developers who are actively working on the project.

What if these plans don't fit our use case?

You can contact us if you would like to discuss a custom agreement.

What if we go beyond the usage that my tier allows?

If you used more instances than you bought cloud seats or more developers have onboarded, you can increase the amount of seats at any time in your dashboard and the price will be prorated for the current period. We expect that you make those adjustments in the dashboard within 14 days after you've exceeded your limit.

Can we use Remotion if I use a serverless architecture?

Yes. If you don't use a classic server architecture, you can also use 1 cloud rendering seat to make 2.000 renders per month.

Is there a refund period?

There are no refunds because you can already evaluate Remotion before using it commercially.

Can we upgrade / downgrade / cancel / get a receipt?

Our portal allows you to do all of these without having to contact a human.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted using Stripe.

For how long do I need to maintain my license?

You need to have least 1 developer seat active as long as you are rendering videos. You can cancel all cloud seats if you are not rendering in the cloud anymore.

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